The Future Reynolds

We used to make decisions and say we'd let the future version of ourselves deal with the fallout. Apparently, we've caught up with that distant future.

I'm Dani and I'm mildly obsessed with our future and saving money. I'm a huge YNAB fan and we followed the Dave Ramsey plan to get out of debt.

We recently said to hell with it all and put our house on the market to move to a city we've only visited once. You're supposed to do crazy stuff like that in your twenties, right?
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I have a mortgage payoff visual so you know it just got real.

We agreed that we would put in new floors (check!) and a fence before we started destroying the mortgage and I am ridiculously pumped. 

Come on 2014.  I’m waiting on you.

  1. alongtimecoming said: I probably have three different types of charts with the same info on them for my SLs so I can see the progress too. I just have a question, how can you tell how many months sooner you’re paying it off once you start paying extra on them?
  2. aurevoirdebt said: Love visuals like this! It’s a great way to stay motivated!
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